Energy Efficiency

HERS: The Measure of Energy Efficiency

“Energy efficient” has described homes for years.  But how could you determine what “energy efficient” really meant, much less how much savings it could mean to you? Thanks to the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, energy efficiency is now measurable. 

Much like calculating MPG in a car, HERS is a nationally recognized system that analyzes energy performance in new homes or homes that undergo complete renovations.  Lower scores mean higher efficiency and greater savings.

The Rise and Fall of Ceilings

For decades, the norm for ceiling height was 8 feet.  And then came McMansion mania.  Foyers and family rooms soared to two stories. Balconies overlooked downstairs rooms. They made homes look impressive and grand.

But downstairs was often cold because heat rose to the ceiling.  Upstairs was noisy because TV and other sounds rose, too. 

Thanks to the demand for better energy efficiency and more efficient use of space, ceilings have been trending downward.