Ann Arbor Builders, Inc. values the assistance of real estate professionals. In order to assure a smooth working relationship with you and your clients and to guarantee your commission, we have outlined the following registration criteria:

1. For a client to be properly registered and in order to earn a commission, the broker or associate must initiate the first contact and accompany the client to the site, office or otherwise mutually convenient location for the first meeting.

2. Registration after a client has contacted us will not be accepted.

3. The client must not be currently registered with us.

4. Clients may be registered by completing and submitting the form below, receipt of which we will acknowledge, or by emailing a request for a registration form.

5. Telephone registration will not be accepted.

6. The broker or associate will be protected for a period of 60 days after initial registration. If your client has not executed a Reservation or Purchase Agreement prior to the expiration of the 60 day period, the registration automatically lapses and must be re-established in writing by executing a new Registration Form which must be approved by your client.

7. We have no control over clients changing agents. Should the Purchaser return with another agent during the registration period, we will register both agents and notify both that the Buyer has been registered by two agents. Should a sale result, the brokers shall resolve any dispute arising among brokers as to the commission. In no event shall Ann Arbor Builders, Inc. be liable to pay a commission to more than one brokerage company.

8. Ann Arbor Builders, Inc. will provide the necessary forms and contracts to your client.

9. Ann Arbor Builders, Inc. will provide you a Broker's Co-Op Agreement for you to execute when your clients enter into a Purchase Agreement.

We appreciate your bringing your clients to us and look forward to working with you!

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