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Saginaw's vibrant present and bright future rests on the foundation of its rich and storied past. 

First settled in 1822, the U.S. Military built a fort where Court and Hamilton Streets now intersect. 

Fort Saginaw 1822 Within a year, the military abandoned the fort. Very quickly, fur traders and farmers took over the buildings, a small settlement took root and Saginaw's earliest commercial ventures sprouted.

Soon, the U.S. was expanding westward, the demand for lumber soared and, like most of Michigan, the area was dense with virgin growth forests that could supply the demand. Entrepreneurs seized the opportunity and the lumber industry was born.

Saginaw's population exploded and elegant homes and buildings rose, reflecting the enormous wealth that lumber created.   

At its peak in 1882, lumber mills along the Saginaw River produced over a billion board feet!  But by the end of the 19th century, the lumber bubble had burst. For the next century, enterprising and determined residents found opportunities in other industries and businesses. 

Today, Saginaw is thriving, thanks to the indomitable spirit of its residents who continuously shape it into a wonderful place to live, work and play.

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