Remodeling, Renovation, and Reconstruction

Friday, August 29, 2014

Need more room?  Or a major overhaul?  Ann Arbor Builders can help!

A recent remodeling project is pictured. Close to downtown and within walking distance to the Big House (no worrying about football parking for them!), the owners loved the location but needed more space. We added a second floor, resulting in almost twice the space and happy owners.


When Ann Arbor Builders began in 1971, its earliest jobs included renovating many old properties in downtown Ann Arbor.  The company has since restored, renovated and remodeled countless buildings and thus has extensive experience in renovating and restoring older structures, from homes to commercial buildings. 

Every project begins with an initial assessment to diagnose the issues that are inherent in older buildings.  Especially important in the initial  assessment is the stabilization of the roof, exterior masonry walls, foundations, and interior plaster. Once the assessment is made, solutions are offered based on the budget and plan for the structure. 

The plan may be preservation, which encompasses protecting, stabilizing, maintaining and repairing the existing materials where possible and matching new elements to the existing elements where needed.   The plan may also be rehabilitation, which adapts an historic building for contemporary use while protecting the structure’s heritage.  Or the plan may be a combination of preservation and rehabilitation.

A full service historic restoration contractor, Ann Arbor Builders works closely with owners, historic district commissions and city planners, offering consultation, assessment, project management and/or design/build services for older structures.