Ann Arbor Builders Celebrates 45 Years!

At Ann Arbor Builders, we're celebrating more than the start of the new year.  We're celebrating our 45th anniversary!  And we can't help reminiscing about how far we've come in all these years.

Says owner Alex de Parry, "We've certainly seen trends in housing change, but more importantly, we think back with great appreciation on all the wonderful people who have helped us to grow."

Glazier Woods: Once An Important Stop On The Underground Railroad

Today, Glazier Woods is an idyllic setting for new homes, but the site – located just off Glazier Way - was once a welcome refuge for weary travelers who were escaping the tyranny of slavery.  

It’s no wonder, then, that I often stand there and think, “If only this land could talk,” for few building sites have such an historically significant story to tell.