Floorplans and Finishes

Cable Rail Adds Contemporary Flair To Stairs

Cable rail is equally at home on at outdoor deck or on interior stairs where it creates a stunning design element. Posts and caps can vary to add additional interest.

In this example, our clients paired painted posts and cap, white walls, and lightly whitewashed white oak floors to achieve the light, airy look they wanted.

Especially in contemporary architecture - where clean, simple lines are fundamental - cable rail is a versatile alternative to wood.  And it never needs painting!

Cozy Craftsman Shows That A True Custom Home Isn’t Defined By Size

Custom homes are often thought to be large and elaborate, and while that may be the case, the fact is, they're simply homes that are one-of-a-kind designed for specific clients. And they aren't dependent on square footage, as this cozy Craftsman proves.

Working with an architect, our empty nester clients designed the plan to suit their daily lifestyle and frequent visits by grandchildren.

The Rise and Fall of Ceilings

For decades, the norm for ceiling height was 8 feet.  And then came McMansion mania.  Foyers and family rooms soared to two stories. Balconies overlooked downstairs rooms. They made homes look impressive and grand.

But downstairs was often cold because heat rose to the ceiling.  Upstairs was noisy because TV and other sounds rose, too. 

Thanks to the demand for better energy efficiency and more efficient use of space, ceilings have been trending downward.  

Floorplans and Finishes For Your New Home

While you’ve been looking at homesites, you’ve undoubtedly been looking at floorplans. Once you have a specific site and budget in mind, you can then target a specific plan.

If you haven’t already consulted a builder, doing so at this stage can save you a great deal of time because an experienced builder can help you choose a plan that is compatible with the site and is within your budget.