The Argus Farm Stop

Originally built in the 1930's, the building at 325 West Liberty served as a gas station for many years.

In 1999, new owners purchased it with the intent of converting it into a medical marijuana dispensary, but they never did.  Instead, the building sat vacant and deteriorating.

By 2013, we were planning to build The Mark condos directly across the street, and the old gas station was an eyesore.  And so we bought it, knowing only that we would clean it up but otherwise having no specific plans for what it would become.

We had several inquirires from people who were interested in locating a business there, but when Bill Brinkerhoff and Kathy Sample approached us with the idea of opening a year-round farm market, we knew that it would be a perfect addition to the Old West Side.

Bill and Kathy signed a lease in April 2014 and we went to work refurbishing the building inside and out.

The Argus Farm Stop on Liberty opened in August 2014 and instantly became wildly popular with local residents - so popular, in fact, that the demand for locally grown food - available year round - inspired Bill and Kathy to expand.


In 2016, we bought the building at 1200 Packard, which was originally Clague's Grocery until it closed in 1968. 

Various businesses subsequently occupied the space, but it had sat vacant and deteriorating since 2010.

Once again, we set about restoring the building, inside and out. Much to the delight of the neighbors, The Argus Farm Stop on Packard opened in August 2017.